Chapter 85: Celestial Execution Hall
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 85: Celestial Execution Hall

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Now that Tang Jie knew where the problem was, his confidence in the Martial Lord's mantra was restored. As he had nothing else to do, he decided to visit the other halls.

As he expected, Celestial Flash Hall was for training in evasion. The moment he entered the hall, he saw countless locusts flying toward him. Students were not permitted to use any kind of defensive spell and had to rely on moving and blocking to avoid the attacks. Those locusts didn't hurt when they hit. They just left behind a mark, and then the jade token would flash to record it.

Once the time limit ran out, the grade would be determined based on the number of hits received.

Tang Jie had yet to gain proficiency in the Violet Lightning Lunge, so the moment he went in, he was made into a punching bag, the jade token flashing so much that it was like a light bulb. His grade was naturally unspeakably awful.

Celestial Pearl Hall tested endurance. Upon entry, Tang Jie discovered that he was in the middle of a battlefield. In front of him were countless charging soldiers, and behind him, soldiers on his own side were charging up. Those soldiers were truly endless, and when one batch died, another would charge up. There was no end to it, and Tang Jie fought until he was so exhausted that he couldn't raise his arms. Only then did he realize that in these battles involving endless waves of soldiers, even the most divine and powerful spell arts were fake. Only a neverending combat strength could sustain him.

After leaving Celestial Pearl Hall, Tang Jie rested for a bit, then he went to Celestial Variation Hall. Before entering Celestial Variation Hall, he could take a few illusion talismans. These illusion talismans recorded various spells that could serve to make up for the abilities the students lacked in their current stage.

Upon entering the hall, they would battle in spells with illusory Spirit Masters. All kinds of spells would be used, which the students could not possibly block at their current stage. All t

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