Chapter 84: Celestial Defense Hall
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 84: Celestial Defense Hall

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

For the next few days, Tang Jie devoted his energy to helping Wei Tianchong gather information, organize it, and analyze opponents. In addition, he ultimately helped Wei Tianchong choose the Mistnet Step and the Evilhook Shadow Soldier. 

The Mistnet Step was a kind of evasive art that specialized in quickly dodging in a small area. The Evilhook Shadow Soldier was a spell that summoned shadow soldiers to assist one in battle. Among the lower-rank spells, it was of the more practical kind.

Tang Jie had already decided to have Wei Tianchong walk the path of the summoner. After all, this kid disliked work and enjoyed comfort, so this was the best for him. This was the reason he had picked the Evilhook Shadow Soldier for him.

The Evilhook Shadow Soldiers were the lowest tier of shadow soldiers, and their fighting power was limited. But they were rather good at holding down the enemy, and served as excellent hindrances.

The strategy Tang Jie had devised for Wei Tianchong was very simple: evade with the Mistnet Step, disrupt with the shadow soldiers, and attack with the puppet.

At the Spirit Disciple phase, spells were limited in power, so most Spirit Disciples chose the same path as Tang Jie and Zhuang Shen, joining spells to a martial arts basis, and so most of their attacks were close-ranged.

As for Spirit Sea Tier and above, one would have ten thousand drops of spiritual liquid and be more proficient in many spells. This was when spells started to fly back and forth.

Wei Tianchong's current cultivation direction was to target a certain part of the student body, and these students were competitors for the top five. If he could overcome this trial, Wei Tianchong's chances would soar. Besides that, this sort of battle via exhaustion by relying on subordinates didn't consume much spiritual energy, so it was perfect for a protracted battle.

Once Wei Tianchong grew proficient in these spells and then learned one or two long-range spells, he would essentially be a magician countering a w

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