Chapter 47: The Student Forest
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 47: The Student Forest

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

With Tang Jie's reminder about the rules, Wei Tianchong no longer wasted time sightseeing. The convoy's speed picked up, and as it was protected by a Spirit Master, after an arduous journey, they finally arrived safely at the capital of the Sageheart Kingdom, Wanquan City.

As the kingdom's capital, Wanquan City was overflowing with grandeur that Canglong Prefecture simply couldn't compare to. The city was prosperous and thriving, the roads wide enough for eight carriages to run abreast. The buildings on both sides were richly ornamented, and exuded a luxurious air. Even many of the pedestrians wore silk brocade and carried themselves in an impressive manner.

The carriage rolled smoothly across the stone paving. At almost every intersection was a fountain, each one in a different form.

It was said that there was a river running beneath Wanquan City, so there were many spring sources throughout the city. Some bored person once tried to count them all, but they reached three thousand and still weren't done. Thus, it came to be known as Wanquan City (Ten Thousand Springs City).

Wanquan City was divided into an inner and outer city. The inner city was the imperial palace of the Sageheart Kingdom. While the Immortal sects reigned supreme, the imperial clan served as the mortal representatives of the Immortals, and so the imperial city had its unique dignity and status.

On the eastern outskirts of the outer city were the Clear Sky Mountains, and the illustrious Basking Moon Academy was situated on Rising Star Peak of the Clear Sky Mountains. But unlike most mountains, this was not a natural mountain range. Rather, a Great Power of the Basking Moon Sect had used their supreme Immortal arts to raise it from the earth. This was why the mountains were called Clear Sky and the peak was called Rising Star—it was hoped that the rising stars of the cultivation world would have a smooth path to the heavens.

The carriages made their way toward the Clear Sky Mountains. After passing through Wa

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Translator Notes

Is Tang Jie openly challenging Godhead Palace? Or is there something else going on?

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