Chapter 3: Killing in Rage
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 3: Killing in Rage

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Following the roar, a slender white figure appeared in the distance, rapidly flying toward the village.

This was clearly the white-clothed Immortal that Tang Jie had failed to find. His appearance at this time was truly unexpected.

"It's an Immortal! Everyone, retreat!" the bandit chief immediately shouted.

By the time he was shouting the first word, that white figure had just appeared at the end of the village's road, his white robes floating, his eyebrows raised as his sword emerged from his sheath. By the time he was shouting 'retreat', the figure had already gone up to a bandit. The sword fell, a head flew, and blood gushed into the air.

In that straightforward fashion, he confronted the bandits, and the brash horse bandits immediately fled like stray dogs.

The bandit chief shouted, "The Blacksand Group was ignorant and did not know this place was guarded by an Immortal. We are willing to withdraw, so please, Immortal, stay your hand!"

The Wildgrain Plain bandits were very sharp and shrewd. They could cause trouble for the heavens and the earth, but definitely not for any place protected by an Immortal.

They had already scouted out Little River Village, and knew that it had no connection to an Immortal. This was why they had been so bold as to strike. But to their surprise, they ended up running into an Immortal anyway.

His power, speed, and the swing of his sword placed him at least at the Mortal Shedding Realm, as a True Spirit Master who had broken free of mortality. Moreover, he killed with decisiveness, with sword arts swift and vicious. There was a more than fifty percent chance that he was a sword cultivator who cultivated the art of killing. This was not something that a mere numerical advantage could deal with, which was why the chief pleaded for mercy.

The white-clothed man snorted, "The bandits of the Blacksand Group were wiped out three days ago. Where did this other Blacksand Group come from? Sihai has plagued the nearby villages for more than

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