Chapter 26: Refusing the Secretary Post
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 26: Refusing the Secretary Post

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

After resting for ten-some days, Tang Jie finally 'recovered', having completely consumed that bottle of spirit medicine. Embezzlement was something that went from small to big. Tang Jie had grown bored of embezzling worthless things like steel wire and was very happy to see that he could take his embezzlement to a new level.

When the lady heard that Tang Jie had recovered, she had Shi Yue bring him over.

Unlike before, it was not just the lady meeting with Tang Jie, but also Patriarch Wei Danbai and that Spirit Master who had saved Wei Tianchong from falling that day, Lu Chenyang.

Wei Danbai was the sort that you could tell was grim and inflexible at first glance, someone who wasn't easy to interact with. His square face rarely smiled, and he was serious, quiet, and focused on business. It was a perfect face for depicting on a giant portrait to hang from the gate tower.

"Tang Jie pays respects to the master, the lady, and Spirit Master Lu!" Upon entering, Tang Jie first bowed to the three of them.

"Sit." Zheng Shufeng smiled at Tang Jie. She had a very favorable opinion of Tang Jie and thus spoke to him in the kindest manner.

"With the master and lady present, this lowly one does not dare to sit."

"Your injuries have just recovered, so there is no need for you to be polite," the lady said, ordering a servant to bring Tang Jie a stool. It was only then that Tang Jie sat down.

Once Tang Jie was seated, the lady said, "You were mistreated in the previous incident. You did very well, but Chong'er was ignorant. You were called this time so that you may be rewarded."

Yanzhi came forward with a tray upon which were ten gleaming silver ingots.

Tang Jie knew that a single silver ingot was equivalent to ten taels of silver. This was a reward of one hundred taels of silver, a truly generous reward.

Tang Jie was just about to say a few polite words when Wei Danbai said, "It is to reward you, so there is no need to refuse. It is the rule of the Wei Estate to reward merits and punish mistakes.

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Translator Notes

Poor Shi Mo doesn't even know that he's already lost, but it seems like Tang Jie has another problem to deal with!

Novel Notes

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