Chapter 25: Fall
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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

"Who did this?" the lady angrily roared as she looked up at the bound Tang Jie on the tree.

The boy servants on the side all trembled in fear, not daring to speak.

In truth, this was a pointless question. Who else besides Wei Tianchong would have been so bold as to do this?

The lady had clearly realized this. She yelled, "Wen Qing, why haven't you brought him down yet? Shi Meng, go and wake up Chong'er. What time is it that he's still sleeping? Shi Mo, talk! What happened?"

Shi Mo recounted what had happened last night in a terrified and shaky voice. He naturally didn't say anything good about Tang Jie, saying only that Tang Jie had gotten in the way of Wei Tianchong's fun and even killed the young master's horse. Enraged, the young master had whipped him.

But Zheng Shufeng was a sharp lady, and she immediately knew that something was wrong.

Tang Jie had been with the estate for some time now, and she had some understanding of him. She knew Tang Jie to have a calm and composed personality, and he would never do something without a reason. Noticing the lie in Shi Mo's recount, she immediately slapped him. "Bastard thing, even daring to deceive me? Chen Yan, Chen Xin, separate these children and question them individually!"

The brothers Chen Yan and Chen Xin were the guards of the Meditation Garden.

Although she wasn't a professional interrogator, questioning the witnesses separately was something a professional interrogator would have chosen to do.

These children had little experience in the ways of the world, so a few questions soon had them spilling the beans.

When Zheng Shufeng heard that her son had gone off to the mountains to drink wine and even planned to ride up the mountain in the middle of the night, she became so angry that she started shaking.

At this time, Wei Tianchong came over.

The intoxication had faded, as had his anger. When he saw Tang Jie's body lying on the ground and his mother, he felt all of his arrogance leaving him, and he obediently walked up to his mother and said, "Mom…"

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Before he could say anything, Zheng Shufeng slapped her son on the face.

Wei Tianchong was dumbfounded by this slap. Meanwhile, Zheng Shufeng began to scold her son, "Will you only be satisfied when you've angered me to death? Drinking wine and trying to ride a horse up Welcoming Dragon Mountain, and even almost whipping Tang Jie to death! How could I have given birth to such a good-for-nothing!?"

She grew angrier the more she thought about it. She took out her lash and began to mindlessly beat Wei Tianchong.

Wei Tianchong had never tasted such pain before, and he began to yowl in pain. As he ran around, he shouted, "That kid killed my horse! My horse! What's wrong with me hitting him? I'm the young master!"

"And I'm your mother!" The lady began to strike him even more savagely.

But in the end, this was her son. Once she saw that she had beaten Wei Tianchong's face into

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Translator Notes

In one fell swoop, Tang Jie takes down all his rivals and increases his status! And he even learned something about the Visceral Manifestation Classic.

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