Chapter 22: Learning From Nature
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 22: Learning From Nature

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

The young master was delighted. "Interesting, interesting! Why don't you do it and let me have a look, then?"

"I need materials to do it," Tang Jie replied.

"That's no problem. If you need anything, talk with Wen Qing. Tell him that I wanted it. How much time do you need?"

"Ten days to half a month."

"That's too slow!"

"If I had someone to help me, the work would go faster."

"Alright, I'll have a few of them help you. They'll listen to your orders." The young master waved his hand, handing over all his boy servants for Tang Jie to use.

Shi Mo and Shi Meng glanced at each other. How had they become Tang Jie's subordinates in the blink of an eye?

Tang Jie smirked as he bowed and answered, "Yes, Young Master!"

From that point, the boy servants of the Meditation Garden began to work for Tang Jie.

Shi Mo and Shi Meng had originally worried that Tang Jie would use this opportunity to deal with them, but Tang Jie did not. Rather, he used this opportunity to get closer to everyone.

Firming up one's own foundation would always be more important than striking out at one's opponents. Forgiving one's opponents would more easily win respect than beating them down. Tang Jie was well aware of this. 

Sure enough, this way of doing things won everyone's favor, and even the elders of the estate felt that Tang Jie was a decent boy. They knew very well that Shi Mo and his lot were hostile to Tang Jie, and they admired Tang Jie for not taking revenge.

The young master no longer had the boy servants to mess around with, so whenever he was free he would come by to see how Tang Jie was doing, occasionally helping a little himself.

Of course, it actually would have been better if he hadn't helped, and he only added to their work, but nobody dared to question him. As for him, the more he played, the happier he became.

For a time, the garden became the most active place of the Meditation Garden, and it wasn't long before the flower statues began to rise. Tang Jie depicted all sorts of things: humans, toys, pavi

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Translator Notes

What's this? A possible love interest? Or is it too early for that sort of thing? The author already got me once with the childhood friend >_>

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