Chapter 23: Stabbing a Horse
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 23: Stabbing a Horse

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

The young lady had even less of a chance than a servant. It was hard to blame her for being indignant.

But Tang Jie felt that this was fine for her. Having been in the Wei Estate for some time now, Tang Jie had begun to understand what was going on within its walls.

Though the Wei Estate seemed very grand and imposing, all sorts of dirty things were going on in the shadows. If the fourth young lady did not wish to lie in these muddy waters, it was best if she kept her distance.

Perhaps Venerable Master Wei thought the same?

Suddenly, Tang Jie muttered in shock, "Grand on the outside, dirty in the shadows…"

He recalled Wei Die's words, 'There are so many intersecting paths inside, I'm already dizzy from looking at it from the outside…'

Damn it; why didn't I think about this before? I'm really an idiot! Tang Jie slapped his head and silently cursed himself.

He suddenly realized that he had no need to merge together a natural maze and a formation.

Mixing a natural maze with a formation was like trying to mix a Chinese ink wash painting with an oil painting. No matter how hard one tried, the result would always be a hodge-podge.

But what if he flipped things around and laid down a formation inside the maze?

Since they couldn't be merged, he would just put them together.

The outside would be the natural maze, while the inside would be the maze formation. The outside was used to fool outsiders, to obscure the actual formation. The two would coexist in an innately flawless combination. What need was there to merge them together?

This was like hiding an oil painting in some part of a large ink wash painting. If one didn't pay attention, it would be difficult to see it. And if the ink wash painting used thick and heavy strokes, the oil painting would be even more concealed.


Concealment was the key, not actually merging them together.

At times, rather than considering whether something was complicated enough, one had to consider whether it was simple enough!

Tang Jie was enlightened, and he mentally cursed at himself for all the wasted time. He modified the garden again, this time not seeking fusion, instead using the natural maze to conceal the formation within.

This formation wasn't large, and affected only a limited area. Without using a spirit-detecting art to observe the area, even a Spirit Master might not notice the formation.

Two days later, Tang Jie finished his work and brought the young master over to take a look.

Wei Tianchong walked the maze until he got dizzy, but he still wasn't able to get out. He found it very interesting and called it 'fun' again and again. It seemed like he had never noticed the formation inside.

This was Tang Jie's first time using a formation to imprison someone, so he was privately delighted. He felt that the Dao of Formations was truly rather interesting, and even began to like it a little.

He could help but think about Xu Muyang's words, and sulked. Did I really like the Dao of Formations and just

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Translator Notes

Don't mess with Tang Jie. He can kill a horse without blinking!

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