Chapter 7: Jade Gate Heaven Charge
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 7: Jade Gate Heaven Charge

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Within the human body was the Jade Gate that served to lock away the world.

Spiritual energy permeated the world, but mortals could not sense, absorb, or digest it, only passively receive it. This was because of the Jade Gate.

If one wished to cultivate immortality, one first had to charge through the Jade Gate. Only then could one step onto the Spirit Platform and sense the world. It was for this reason that cultivators called the first realm the Spirit Platform Realm.

This was the first major threshold of cultivation.

Charging through the Jade Gate required energy, and as mortals normally did not have spiritual energy in their body, they found it very difficult to break through the Jade Gate on their own. They would usually require the assistance of their seniors.

But spiritual energy was not the only way to break through the gate. Those of a sufficiently brave or heroic nature could crash through this gate.

The world abounded with heroic characters, and when they suddenly erupted in strength in the middle of a bitter melee, it was because they had broken through the gate.

This phenomenon was called the Jade Gate Heaven Charge, referring to how someone had managed to break through the Jade Gate without anyone's help.

But the Jade Gate Heaven Charge only sounded nice. It was not necessarily a good thing.

'The Jade Gate of the Spirit Platform; the gate opening of nine cycles.' This referred to the degree to which the Jade Gate was opened during the breakthrough process.

The Spirit Platform Jade Gate had nine layers, like nine circular targets. Opening each layer was like punching a hole through the center of the target, allowing spiritual energy to flow through the hole into the body of the cultivator.

The first cycle of gate opening was to punch through the first target. Three cycles meant that one had punched through the nine, eighth, and seventh layers all at once.

The more gates one opened, the more spiritual energy would come through, and the better results one's cultivation would produce. Once the charge's power was spent, the Jade Gate's form would be fixed. For this reason, each person had only one chance at this in their lifetime.

For this reason, the number of cycles one could achieve when opening a gate would define the quality of a cultivator to a certain extent.

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