Chapter 6: The Visceral Manifestation Classic
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 6: The Visceral Manifestation Classic

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

As Xu Muyang got up in the early morning, he saw a bowl of silver ear fungus and lotus seed soup on the table in front of him, a kind of tonic. The inn could not possibly make this sort of breakfast for its guests, so Xu Muyang knew that it must have been Tang Jie who made it.

Though this sort of lotus seed soup was useless at his level of cultivation, the good intentions were still there, and Xu Muyang felt rather comforted. Moreover, the soup was made well and had an excellent taste, and eating it was a delight.

After breakfast, Tang Jie came to pay a visit to Xu Muyang and ask him where they were going next.

This put Xu Muyang in a difficult spot.

He was fleeing pursuit, so he had no fixed goal. He was just going wherever the wind took him.

Anyang Prefecture was in the far east, and farther east was the endless sea. Was he going to flee to the islands?

As if he could see Xu Muyang's hesitation, Tang Jie said, "If Spirit Master Xu doesn't need to go to any particular place, I have a suggestion. Why not buy a house? A quiet and peaceful place for you to recover."

"Buy a house?" Xu Muyang was astonished.

"Yes. If it's a problem of money, Spirit Master Xu does not need to worry. I have some silver taels that should be enough to buy a small house."

"But that is your money."

"But those horses came from the bandits that Master Xu killed, so some of the money should be Master Xu's," Tang Jie said in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing. While using the address of Spirit Master Xu, he had dropped the 'Spirit', simply calling him Master Xu.

Xu Muyang didn't notice this, hesitantly saying, "In the end, it's not proper for me to stay here for long."

"When you don't want to stay any longer, just sell it. Moreover, Master Xu is unwell and has no one to attend to you. I happened to come here to look for work, and I can attend to you in my free time," Tang Jie continued.

Once they got to Anyang Prefecture, Tang Jie had confirmed that Xu Muyang had no set destination in mind. Since tha

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