Chapter 44: An End to the First Stage
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 44: An End to the First Stage

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Every spring, the rivers would thaw. This was the time when the trade routes began to flow again, and it was Canglong Prefecture's busiest period. Caravans from all around moved through this place, circulating all kinds of goods throughout the country.

Besides commercial movement, there was another kind of movement that also started at this time: student movement.

Although Basking Moon Academy only started in the summer, the land was vast. Afraid of delays on the journey, many students began their preparations for their journey far in advance.

This year, Tang Jie was sixteen, Shi Meng was fifteen, and the third young master was fifteen and a half. Once-ignorant and -immature brats had grown up into handsome young men, tall enough that they could almost match adults. They had also become much more mature and tactful.

Today, the Wu home was very lively.

As soon as Tang Jie came in, he saw the Wu couple carrying out various bundles from the house: cotton blankets, clothes, and shoes were being piled up.

Tang Jie was astonished. "Dad, Mom, what are you doing?"

"Hey, aren't you headed off to school tomorrow? We have to prepare your winter clothes," Granny Wu answered as she continued to move things around.

"But the winter just passed, didn't it?"

"But you still have to go through next year's winter, right? And the year after that, yes?" Granny Wu rolled her eyes at her son.

Tang Jie helplessly said, "We can talk about that next year. If it's really no good, I can just buy some clothes."

"You think that will work? Things in the capital are expensive! The clothes in our home are perfectly serviceable, and it will be a great pity if there's no one to wear them," Granny Wu said as she waved around the small lined jacket in her hand.

Old Wu couldn't watch anymore. "My dear wife, Xing'er wore that when he was little, so it's best not to give him that. Young people these days don't wear old clothes."

"It's still rather new! It's a pity that no one's going to wear it," the old lady muttered. But

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie's finally off to school! Farewell to clan politics! Say hello to school politics!

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