Chapter 43: Rescue
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 43: Rescue

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

In the small hut behind the hall, Shi Mo waved around the knife in his hand and shouted, "Don't get close! If you try to get close, I'll stab him to death!"

In his hand was the unconscious third young master, Wei Tianchong.

This wasn't Shi Mo's work. Rather, Wei Tianchong had fallen asleep after undertaking his charge at the gate.

Zheng Shufeng arrived in haste with Steward Qin and Tang Jie. When she saw what was happening, she almost fainted. Thankfully, Tang Jie was able to catch her. Zheng Shufeng shouted, "My son!" and began to weep.

"Shi Mo, do you know what you're doing? Release the third young master at once!" Steward Qin roared.

"Shut your mouth! It's all because of you that I lost my chance!" Shi Mo shouted back.

At this moment, his hair was undone and his face was savage, his eyes full of despair. He constantly gestured here and there with the knife before pointing it at the third young master like some thief who was wary of being surrounded. Tears also ran down his face.

He shouted to the crowd, "Why… why weren't you willing to give me a chance…? I was willing to be a servant for life… I just wanted a chance… I won't accept it… I won't!"

He hysterically wailed.

Wei Danbai and the others also arrived on the scene. When the venerable lady saw the scene, she screamed and fainted, throwing the servants into turmoil.

Wei Danbai was furious and shocked to see his son being held hostage. He angrily said to his wife, "Look at what you've done! If you hadn't insisted on picking Tang Jie, would things have turned out like this?"

Zheng Shufeng heard her husband rebuking her, but she restrained herself for now and sternly asked, "Where's Immortal Master Lu? Why isn't he here yet?"

"I've already sent people to fetch him. He should be here soon," Steward Qin hastily said.

The wet nurse shrilly shouted, "Shi Mo, have you gone crazy? Your mother entrusted you to me and told you to take good care of the third young master, but what have you gone and done? What am I going to do in the future!?"

The wet nurse wept in despair.

Relations between people had always entailed living together and dying together!

Shi Mo had dragged her down with him, and no matter how today ended, her days in the Wei Estate were bound to be a torment.

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Translator Notes

The world is a cruel place, even more cruel than Tang Jie thought. So ends the life of Shi Mo.

Novel Notes

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