Chapter 45: The Heavenly Dao Stele
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 45: The Heavenly Dao Stele

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

The Sageheart Kingdom encompassed an area of five million square kilometers. It was long from north to south and narrow from east to west, and it essentially covered the entire eastern part of the Rosecloud Continent. The shape of the kingdom seemed rather like a woman being pressed up against a corner.

Canglong Prefecture was located at the sole of the woman, and Wanquan City was located at the woman's chest. From the sole, reaching the chest in the north required traveling through seven provinces and thirty-some cities—a distance of two-thousand-some kilometers and three months.

Over this long journey, the beautiful natural scenery was the only means of dispelling loneliness.

This was Wei Tianchong's and Shi Meng's first time traveling far away from home, so they were brimming with excitement and would go off to play around at every stop. The lady understood her son's temperament, so she had arranged for them to start their journey early so that he would have plenty of time to play.

Tang Jie spent most of the time reading in the carriage.

He read a lot of books. There was "Treatise on Human Order", which discussed humanity's relationship to the Great Dao, and there was "Anthology on Enlightenment", a collection of essays. He also travel guidebooks like "Zhang Zimo's Sageheart Travel Guide", and also stories about Immortal warriors, such as "Records of Sword Immortals". In his luggage, besides his clothes and those two potted plants, what took up the most space was books.

Today, Tang Jie was reading a book when his carriage came to a swaying halt.

Raising the curtain, Tang Jie saw that a forty-some-year-old man was walking over.

"Steward Zhang, is something wrong?" Tang Jie shouted.

Steward Zhang's name was Zhang Yuan, and he was one of the outer branch stewards of the Wei Estate. He was primarily responsible for the Wei Clan's trade caravans, and spent most of the year traveling around. He had abundant experience, and to ensure that the journey was safe, Zhen

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Translator Notes

It never pays to piss off the Heavenly Dao.

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