Chapter 1: Chasing a Dream
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 1: Chasing a Dream

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Whenever the winds blew across the mountains, the trees of Jade Orchid Mountain would rustle with green billows, and when the golden light of the sunset cast itself across the lush mountain, it would plate the trees in gold—a sea of green flashing with golden scales, a gorgeous sight beyond words.

In the kingdom of Sageheart, this was famously known as the Rising Jade Meets Setting Sun.

The Rosecloud Domain's prodigious energies that locked the heavens and sealed the earth, the Gold Ignis Astral Winds that not even those cultivators who sought immortality dared to confront, were nothing but beautiful scenes that had drawn much fame and countless sightseers. 

But for the common folk who lived on this land, neither the jade forest nor the golden sunset could match the importance of their fields.

In Little River Village at the base of Jade Orchid Mountain, several dozen families were working their fields.

It was the middle of spring, the time to sow seeds.

But in one field, a single youth was working the field alone. He appeared to be ten-some years old, but he was handling this large field all by himself, his childish face covered in sweat.

"Big Brother Tang Jie!" A crisp voice came from the distance.

The youth raised his head and saw a girl with her hair tied up in two bunches, sticking out from her head like two goat horns, running over with a bowl of water.

She wasn't a very pretty girl, and years of working in the field had made her skin rather tough and tanned. But her large eyes sparkled brightly with vim and vigor.

The girl held the bowl in front of the boy. "Big Brother Tang Jie, aren't you tired? Have some water."

"Thank you." The boy took the bowl of water, but rather than drinking, he absentmindedly looked at the reflection of his face.

It was a rather good-looking face. It was slightly gaunt, the skin fair and clear, and it sported a very handsome nose bridge. In truth, the nose was the most important part about a person's face. If the nose looked good, the person's entir

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