Chapter 39: Parting
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 39: Parting

Tang Jie sighed. "I've never looked down on you because of your goal."

Shi Yue said in surprise, "Are you serious?"

"Yes," Tang Jie replied. "Every person has the right to consider their own future, and I've never believed that you've done anything wrong. In my home, there's a saying that goes that a man of ability doesn't fear a woman who's materialistic, only one that's not. Women have it difficult in this world, and no matter what sort of goal you try to reach, so long as you put in the effort, you will naturally receive a reward. Thus, I have never believed that there is anything wrong with women like this, nor have I ever looked down on them."

As someone who had been brought from the modern era to this one, Tang Jie had long ago grown numb to materialistic women. In his view, materialistic women didn't exist. It was simply a difference in priorities. 

Men also craved wealth and power. What was it about women that somehow made them able to see beyond material things?

Shi Yue had her ambitions when it came to dealing with him, but he also had his own designs when it came to the Wei Estate. They were both working to their own ends, but they hadn't hurt anyone else, and they had even helped each other a lot. Thus, there was no need to criticize.

It was precisely because this was what he thought that Tang Jie spoke with confidence and energy, as if this was the principle of the world. Shi Yue was left astounded.

She finally couldn't help but ask, "Then why is it that you never paid any attention to me?"

"Because I'm not the one you want," Tang Jie answered. "Elder Sister treated me well, and I have noted all of it down. In the future, if I succeed in cultivation, I will not forget Elder Sister's kindness and will generously repay it, but that does not include myself. After all, that isn't what you sought in the first place."

For a woman to seek something in return was nothing much.

But since she wished for material wealth, then he would give her material wealth. Was there any point in adding a marriage to it?

In Tang Jie's ey

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At last, the day of judgment has come! Who will end up as the servant students? 

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