Chapter 35: Gossip and Slander
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 35: Gossip and Slander

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

"What happened?" Seeing Wei Die crying, Tang Jie hurriedly went up to her.

But he had only walked a few steps when Wei Die backed away and shouted, "Don't come over!"

"What's wrong? Fourth Young Lady, it's me! Tang Jie!"

"I know… Don't come over, or else I'll have to explain myself all over again," Wei Die said as she sobbed.


Tang Jie didn't understand, so he could only stand where he was and talk. "What in the world happened? Was the landscaping not done well and criticized by the venerable lady?"

Wei Die shook her head. "No, it was done very well, but…"

She blushed as she explained what had happened.

The gardens arranged by Wei Die were more than satisfactory, drawing amazement and many excellent comments from the guests. Wei Die had made a solid display of her ability, and even her father, Wei Qingsong, had felt that she had done a good job and had truly grown up.

But a tree that stood out would sway in the wind. By showing her ability, Wei Die earned the displeasure of others, so someone began to spread rumors behind her back that the fourth young lady was having a secret affair with a boy servant.

As Tang Jie had assisted her in selecting a sect, Wei Die had an extremely high opinion of Tang Jie and did not treat him like a servant. They decided many things through joint discussion and were very close, and everyone else in the estate had been able to see this.

But this really wasn't anything. After all, they had to work together to make the venerable lady's birthday a success.

But when these rumors began to spread, a very ordinary collaboration began to appear fishy, became evidence, and the rumors spread even more wildly.

The rumors had started even before the birthday party. It was just that no one was foolish enough to talk about them in front of Wei Die, so Wei Die and Tang Jie had not known about them.

But many guests had come this time, and the guests did not have as many apprehensions as the servants. Someone loudly brought the matter up, and Wei Die immediately hea

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie trying to get a little closer to his new pet/daughter! But maybe he shouldn't voice his thoughts out loud...

Novel Notes

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