Chapter 56: Opening the Spirit Eye
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 56: Opening the Spirit Eye

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Tang Jie spent the night continuing to study and practice the Lesser Sea Grotto Metal Mantra. At the same time, he constantly used the Internal Breathing spell to inspect his body and ensure that the impacts weren't too much for his body to handle.

To his delight, he realized that it really was as he had predicted. The constitution conferred by the Visceral Manifestation Classic had greatly improved the ability of his meridians to take impacts.

According to what Daoist Ku had said during the day, if energy ran astray, the students would have to take a short break, but he could repeatedly circulate energy, and only after two or three times would he feel a jolt to his meridians. As for the "blood energy roiling and spiritual breathing disarray" that Daoist Ku had spoken of, six or seven mistakes would cause his blood energy to roil a little, but his spiritual breathing remained steady.

Even when he used the Internal Breathing spell to check, he found that there were no lasting side effects.

Not only that, with just a small break, all of the damage would disappear, and he could continue.

This let him essentially cultivate for twice as long as others. He finally succeeded in pushing the energy to the Lesser Sea point and dispersing it through his body, completing the first loop, the Lesser Yin primary meridian loop, which was the most important and most complicated.

While he was still far away from completing a Major Circuit Heaven, he had made incredible progress.

From this, Tang Jie also found out how difficult cultivation really was. Simply creating an energy whirlpool took so much time. Using this energy whirlpool to open and expand a Spiritual Space would probably take much more effort.

When a Spiritual Space was first opened, it could only take in ten drops of spiritual liquid. A Spirit Spring could hold one hundred drops, a Spirit Lake could hold one thousand, and a Spirit Sea could hold ten thousand. Each step was a tenfold increase in capacity. Spiritual liquid was a repre

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Translator Notes

All of Tang Jie's techniques are carefully selected. For what purpose? Not too hard to guess.

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