Chapter 71: The Parting Classic
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 71: The Parting Classic

Upon returning to the Carefree House, Tang Jie saw that Yiyi had already cleaned up the courtyard.

Yiyi was sitting on the ground and picking through items. When she saw Tang Jie, she excitedly said, "Big Brother, come here! Look at all these nice things!"

"What's there to see? I've already experienced them all," Tang Jie casually said.

While speaking with Zhuang Shen, Tang Jie had already looked through the contents of his Mustard Seed Bag.

Besides the antidote pill and demonblood pill, Zhuang Shen had two bottles of spirit-restoring pills, three bottles of spirit-nurturing pills, six flying sword talismans, one Clear Heaven talisman, one Primordial Chaos talisman, and several dozen spirit coins.

Besides that, there were the four spell weapons: the Violet Flame Sword, the Godhead Armor, the Immortal-Binding Rope, and the refined beast token. The Mustard Seed Bag was an auxiliary art relic that could hold five cubic meters, putting it at a value of at least six spirit jades. This alone meant that Tang Jie had made a generous profit. Sure enough, murder was the quick path to riches, though it was a very risky one.

Besides that, there was one more auxiliary art relic, the formation diagram. In truth, this was the most valuable of all of Zhuang Shen's property.

A formation recreation diagram!

This was a formation diagram that could store a formation, not a formation diagram specifically meant for isolating Tang Jie.

The biggest problem with formations was that they needed to be laid down. One needed to either lay them down before the battle or be like Yiyi and possess a talent. It was impossible to lay them down during a battle.

This formation recreation diagram had an internal space that allowed the storage of materials, but it only allowed putting in, not taking it out. The materials placed within could create a formation through the formation diagram at a much faster speed than normal. It could be used to prepare a formation beforehand or to lay down a formation on the spot.

The sole drawback was that the formation

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Translator Notes

Blowing up a perfectly good weapon just like that! And it seems like the Martial Lord was an extremely wealthy man. 

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