I'll Still Love You Tomorrow
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I'll Still Love You Tomorrow

Oops, I don't actually have a crush on you~

Novel Information

Ye Fei Ye
Translated By:
49 / 300
Release Rate:
4.2 per week


The first time Lu Jingyan met Sheng Xian, she only had one goal - to make him cry. 

But later, Lu Jingyan was the one who cried. 


Lu Jingyan first met Sheng Xian at a bar. Her phone didn’t have reception so she asked him for his mobile hotspot. He told her the password is her birthday. 

Before she could enter the password, she was called away by someone else. She thought that he had a crush on her but the bore refused to accept any of her advances. It was after half a year did she realize his password is yourbirthday. 

The sweet love story between a stunning heiress and the youngest law professor. 




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