Chapter 55: Password
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I'll Still Love You Tomorrow Chapter 55: Password

Her mother said, “Lu Jingyan, behave when you’re in school. Me and your father are very busy, stop causing us trouble.”

And her mother left.

She didn’t give Lu Jingyan a chance to explain or ask about what had happened in the afternoon.

Normally, when her parents didn’t care about her, she would attribute it to their busy lifestyle but at that moment, she realized their neglect wasn’t because they were busy, it was because she wasn’t important.

After a long time, she was still wondering why they gave birth to her if she wasn’t important.

It was a pity they died before she could get an answer.

Lu Jingyan leaned against the wall, waiting for Auntie Sun to hang up before walking over.

Auntie Sun knew her plea earlier was sudden. She looked at Lu Jingyan and hesitated. Just as Lu Jingyan was about to head upstairs, she couldn’t help calling her. “Miss Lu.”

Lu Jingyan stopped and turned.

“I hope you can forget about the matter I told you about just now. I was too worried.”

Lu Jingyan nodded and walked upstairs.

After shutting the door, she sighed and looked out the window for a while before walking to the changing room.

She changed, took her car keys and took the lift to the basement.

It was only when she reached the fourth ring road did she regain her senses.

The sun was setting, casting a golden glow on the entire road. The rows of red traffic lights shone dimly in the distance.

An annoyed driver kept sounding the horn.

Lu Jingyan blinked.

Why was she out?

Where is she going?

Lu Jingyan drove with the traffic and once she passed the congested stretch, traffic became much smoother. She sped up and followed the fourth ring road a while more before exiting.

She dropped by a supermarket and got a dozen beer cans. When she was back in the car, she entered Sheng Xian’s address into her navigation system.

Once she reached Sheng Xian’s neighborhood, it was night time.

The neighborhood security guard was very strict and didn’t allow unauthorized cars to enter.

Lu Jingyan parked her car at a random

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