Chapter 56: I Promise to Behave
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I'll Still Love You Tomorrow Chapter 56: I Promise to Behave

Lu Jingyan took a few seconds to realize he knew she was downstairs.

She glanced up at his floor.

The lights were switched on and the curtains were open but she couldn’t see him.

Just as she was thinking how he found out, she received a text.

“Aren’t you coming up?”

Lu Jingyan didn’t know if the alcohol or the cold was affecting her brain. She couldn’t think of a reply.

“Forget it.”

Forget it.

What does that mean?

Lu Jingyan opened the keypad and was just about to type a reply.

Sheng Xian sent another message, “I’m coming down.”

Lu Jingyan paused and glanced up.

The lights on Sheng Xian’s level were dimmed.

She opened her mouth and somehow, she felt her heart squeeze.

She thought he didn’t care if she was going up. She never expected him to come down.

Her parents never cared about her so she never expected anyone else to care.

That’s why she hated asking for help.

She never thought she deserved it.

Even if the help was from her long time friends, Chen Kai and Song Xian.

But before she was sure if she was Sheng Xian’s friend, she was tempted to seek his help.

Less than a minute after receiving Sheng Xian’s message, he appeared in the lobby.

He wore a ginger coloured tweed long coat, and had a scarf around his neck. He looked like the main lead from a Korean drama.

He walked out of the glass door, onto the staircase and in front of her. “Let’s go.”

Lu Jingyan was startled. “Where?”

“I don’t know.” Sheng Xian added, “I thought you didn’t want to go up. We can just walk around.”

He paused and asked, “Are you cold?”

Lu Jingyan shook her head. She wanted to say no but a wind blew and sent her shuddering.

Sheng Xian removed his scarf and hung it around her neck. He stood in front of her and wrapped the scarf twice, making sure it was secure.

There was still residual heat on the scarf. When he wrapped the scarf around her, she could smell his familiar scent on his cuffs.

Lu Jingyan’s heart started to race.

She swallowed and pretended to be calm.

He could have just passed her the scarf, why

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