Chapter 655.1: The Witch’s Prophecy (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 655.1: The Witch’s Prophecy (1)

Carolyn was the only opponent Roel hadn’t defeated thus far. The battle had ended in a tie, with both parties still standing at the end of the battle.

However, the injuries both of them had sustained were worse than Astrid and the others could imagine. In particular, Carolyn was completely worn out both in body and in mind from a thousand years of turmoil, and the influence of the Savior’s mana was a huge issue too.

Long years in the Abyss had afflicted Carolyn’s mana with the Savior’s depravity and madness, such that no one could have convinced her to stop other than Paul.

In fact, the first thing Paul did after pushing down Carolyn was to fix the holy armor, which was why Roel and the others could have a peaceful conversation with her afterward. Even so, the repairs were temporary due to time and resource constraints.

Once the effects of the holy armor wore out, Carolyn’s mental state would revert to its earlier unstable state. Fortunately, Paul would be by her side, and Carolyn had strong willpower too. The two of them should be able to overcome this ordeal.

On the other hand, Roel looked fine on the surface… but that was only on the surface.

While he was following Antonio back to the eastern border, he couldn’t help feeling that a long time had passed. It had only been days since he set out on this journey to rescue Alicia, but a lot had happened within this short period of time.

His battle with Alicia, the two clashes with Carolyn afterward, meeting the Six Calamities’ origins and Genesis Goddess Sia, his reunion with Astrid and Paul…

So many things had happened that he struggled to keep up with the situation. He had even made a breakthrough to Origin Level 1 in the process and acquired greater strength, but now he needed a rest.

Roel dragged his heavy feet behind Antonio, and they soon arrived at Brolne’s frontline camp, where he was welcomed not by cheering warriors but the Ascarts’ and Brolne’s medical teams, as well as Carter Ascart himself.

“Father? What is he doing here?” Roel asked.

“I was th

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