Nightmare Assault Released
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Nightmare Assault Released

You might have noticed a new project got released on the website or maybe you haven't. Well, if you haven't. NOTICE ME SENPAI!
It's a horror/mystery title with some funny moments peppered throughout.
So, it goes like this- MC finds himself trapped in a Nightmare Realm with other dreamland travellers > MC is tasked to solve a mystery [Death usually involved] while avoiding death caused by ghosts or fellow travellers > MC solves the case and escapes > Rinse and Repeat.
Each case is different and there is an over-arching plot tying all the cases together.
Why is MC forced to solve cases? Is death in the nightmare realm death in real life? Questions. Questions.
The book is in the infinity genre. Think Terror Infinity.
There are already 50 chapters available on the site. Happy reading.
Ping @lonelytree should you have any questions. PS. there might be another project coming down the pipeline. Could it be related to my-iyashikei-game? Maybe...