Chapter 655.2: The Witch’s Prophecy (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 655.2: The Witch’s Prophecy (2)

Roel opened his eyes once more and found himself bearing witness to a grand sight.

Before him was a huge city under a drizzling night sky, full of pristine white buildings. The streets below were wide but deserted. Droplets of rain pelted the city walls. The sky was hazy gray rather than pitch-black.

This sight somehow spurred melancholy in him.

He was standing on top of a slope, gazing upon the city that was reminiscent of a massive beast resting under the drizzle. The rain pattering on him swiftly wet his clothes.

It took a while before he remembered where he was.

This is Artasia’s kingdom.

Roel was always transported into the midst of the city, so he never had such a broad view of the city before. The weather was always clear too, regardless of day or night. This was the first time he had seen it drizzle here.

He had struggled to recognize this place right away due to these differences, but he was able to figure it out through the architectural design.

That put his mind at ease.

At least I’m still alive, given how I still have a sense of consciousness. It also means that I still have the powers of my Kingmaker Bloodline, since I’m able to enter Artasia’s domain.

This was the first time Roel had remained Sia-fied for so long. He had known that he would suffer a severe backlash for that, but at least the price was not death. He probably got off lightly thanks to the gift he received from Sia, and his reaching Origin Level 1 likely helped too.

After confirming his own condition, Roel began making his move. He took a moment to ascertain his position first before making his way into the city.

This was not the first time he had embarked on this pilgrimage, but the journey seemed longer than before. In this deserted city, he could only hear the pitter-patter of the raindrops. Looking at the gray sky, he felt like something was weighing on his heart.

“It looks like ominous dark clouds are crushing the city,” Roel remarked as he advanced ahead.

Half an hour’s journey later, he pushed open a heavy gate and

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