Chapter 654.2: Good News (2)
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Roel’s heart was put at ease. With that, he turned his attention toward the second issue he had noticed in Paul’s words.

“Paul, you said that you were incarcerated by Lukas. What happened? And you mentioned that he’s after the Abyss?”

“Yes, Lukas incarcerated and nearly killed me. His goal was to find out the details of the final plan.”

“How so?” Roel was perplexed.

“Through my dreams,” Paul replied with a sigh before sharing his experience.

Paul was saved by the sample he had planted inside the Life Tree beforehand, but it took a long time before he regained consciousness.

The original purpose of the Life Tree was to nurture the divine child, and this process required a huge amount of mana. For more than a thousand years, this device was barely able to sustain Charles’ life by absorbing the surrounding mana, let alone fully revive him.

Over this long period of time, Paul’s memories of his time as Charles Ackermann gradually settled into the recesses of his mind, and he lost his sense of self. That was also why he knew nothing about himself when he finally awakened.

Charles had thought that he would only awaken when the doomsday prophecy was on the verge of fulfillment. By then, the world would be suffused with the Mother Goddess’ and the Savior’s mana, thus providing the Life Tree with enough mana to revive him.

Little did he know one of the Austine Empire’s emperors would suddenly remember him.

While Charles was hibernating in the wilderness, Lukas Ackermann had taken over the throne of the Austine Empire and begun gathering and compiling information regarding Charles’ abilities. His intention for doing so was not to redress Charles’ grievances or inherit his will. It was just that his abilities were similar to Charles’, so he wanted to gather some inspiration as to how he should develop his abilities.

Such actions were common, as it would spare the transcendent from wasting time on a futile pursuit. Were it not for the fact his lineage had been severed, Roel would have likely relied on that as well to

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