Chapter 654.1: Good News (1)
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In the era shadowed by the imminent awakening of the Savior and the Mother Goddess, there was one country that worried Roel and humankind’s upper echelons: the Austine Empire.

Humankind was united like never before, but the Austine Empire remained an unstable factor threatening to undermine their efforts. The problem lay not with the Austine Empire’s citizens or soldiers but its ruler, Emperor Lukas Ackermann.

Lukas Ackermann was suspected to be one of the Savior’s worshipers; this was no secret on the eastern border. It should go without saying that the united army’s upper echelons wouldn’t turn a blind eye to something as major as this. In fact, the Genesis Goddess Church had been secretly investigating and taking countermeasures against him.

Had Lukas Ackermann been a king of a minor country, the church would have leaped in and captured him… but that was not an option here.

The Austine Empire was a powerful country boasting the greatest land mass and tremendous military power, after all. To recklessly make a move on its ruler would be truly unwise.

To make things worse, the Austine Empire was politically unstable.

It was known for its tradition of fratricide, which would happen once every few decades or a century when the throne was up for grabs. It could be mild instability as the successor tried to consolidate their power, or an all-out internal war where the noble houses picked their sides and fought to ensure their clan’s continued prosperity.

This internal strife made good drama fodder for other countries.

In the Theocracy, which was at loggerheads with the Austine Empire, there were even betting houses that accepted bets on it. Some even claimed that the Austine Empire was carrying the Theocracy’s gambling industry on its shoulders.

In a way, Emperor Lukas had stoked this family tradition of his by allowing his children to form their own factions, resulting in a three-sided rivalry. Without a doubt, chaos would swiftly befall the Austine Empire as soon as something happened to him.

That was a sit

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