Chapter 66.2: The Divine Master Has Been Molded By That Guy... Boohoo… (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 66.2: The Divine Master Has Been Molded By That Guy... Boohoo… (2)

Alright then.

"I can understand that."

Rayne nodded gently. "After all, titans, even when you were attacked by Order, you had no intention of activating Gold Village to protect yourselves. Your sacrifices are awe-inspiring. I understand your persistence."

There was a tragic pride in the mechanical giant's voice. "…That's right. That was the proudest end of our race."

Rayne asked, "In other words, if an Original Sequence agrees to it, there won't be any problems?"

The mechanical giant was stunned.

"You mean to say that… our master has already…?"

Rayne nodded. "Sort of."

Instantly, the mechanical giant's voice trembled in excitement. "Can I have the honor of meeting him?"

Rayne looked at Histia. "Can we contact Hela from here?"

Histia said, "Sure."

Rayne asked, "What about Constance?"

Histia gave it a try before shaking her head."Miss Thea... she's a little far and there's some difficulty.

Rayne smiled. "Alright, Histia. Contact Hela and ask her to call for Constance."

Capital of Haines, Royal Church.

Constance knelt before the crystal statue of the Goddess of Order and prayed without any distracting thoughts.

As usual, the crystal statue had no reaction to Constance's prayers.

As a demigod with an unknown bloodline, in reality, Constance had never felt any sense of belonging to the identity as an Imperial Guard.

There was only a single reason why she stayed here…

Right then, the ring on Constance's finger suddenly lit up.

It was a message from her sister.

Hela's voice could be heard from the ring. At the same time, it was accompanied by the tragic roars and dying cries of millions of living beings.

"Thea, are you free now? His Highness needs your help."

Constance asked, "Is His Highness in danger?"

Hela replied, "I'm not sure, but he should be fine now."

Constance replied, "Alright."

"Oh, and… Thea."

Hela hesitated after conveying the official message. "Also… there are some things I want to discuss with you after I'm done here."

Constance replied, "Alright."

Gold Village.


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