Chapter 67.1: Arrival of the Blood Empress (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 67.1: Arrival of the Blood Empress (1)

Rayne and Histia left Gold Village together.

Obadiah was also taken away by Rayne.

Obadiah was extremely reluctant to leave after finally reuniting with an old friend from Gold Village. However, Rayne still needed this guy as a meat shield.

Therefore, Rayne ignored Obadiah's protest and forcibly dragged the struggling Obadiah out of Gold Village.

Thereafter, under the control of Constance, another barrier was raised at the door of Gold Village, blocking all external influences.

At that moment, Hela and White Vulture were already in a frenzied killing spree.

A single demigod was enough to sweep through the battlefield. The sight of two demigods working together was an apocalyptic scene.

Even the fiends could not hold it in.

Right now, the entire lower level had been swept clean by the two demigods.

Thereafter, Rayne recounted the current situation to Hela and White Vulture.

Rayne said, "To put it simply, in order to buy time for the transfer of Gold Village, I intend to end the invasion of the Nether Realm directly."

In Rayne's original plan, he did not need to care whether the fiends would devour Gold Village.

The Blood Empress's hatred towards Gold Village was etched in her bones and there were only a few ways to stop her. Furthermore, the risk was extremely high.

She would do her best to take down Gold Village. After devouring it, she would continue spreading Nether Realm corruption to the surrounding countries until she was repelled by another force.

That force could be the Imperial Guards of Haines, some divine beings, the punishing angel from the upper world, or even the heroic resistance of the local living beingsā€¦

However, no matter what, although the Blood Empress could destroy Gold Village, her hasty invasion of the outside world thereafter would not be able to shake the foundation of the mortal world.

It was the same for countless reincarnations.

However... If this calamity could be ended beforehand, many innocent lives would indeed be saved.

It would be considered a good deed in passing

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