Chapter 67.2: Arrival of the Blood Empress (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 67.2: Arrival of the Blood Empress (2)

In the sacred fleet, the Heavenly God warship that was protected in the middle and shone with a resplendent golden light, emitting boundless divinity, began to disintegrate in midair.

Within the warship was a mechanical giant in golden armor.

"That's a… titan?!"

Obadiah was shocked. "These guys actually sealed the titan's corpse under their armor to control it?!"

Obadiah gasped. He was extremely glad that Doherty did not witness this shocking scene.

Otherwise, she would definitely be completely disillusioned with the dwarves.

However, that was a separate matter. If they used the mechanical titan to fight against the Abyssal Sacred Vow, while the Heavenly God Fleet and dwarf army worked together to destroy the gate of the Nether Realm and encircle the remaining fiend army…

There might be a chance for them... to win this battle!

"Don't worry, we won't win."

Rayne shook his head calmly and lowered his head. "Come, White Vulture, lie down."

White Vulture blushed and asked, "Your Highness Rayne… are you going to bury me alive?"

Rayne replied, "No, I'm just using you as a sacrifice."

White Vulture pondered for a moment. "That doesn't seem to be much different from being buried alive?"

Rayne stopped what he was doing. "You're not willing?"

White Vulture was all smiles. "No, how can that be? Please make use of me to your heart's content! I love you the most, my baby! But after you use me, remember to reward me with a secret flower ceremony!"

Rayne rejected firmly. "Don't even think about it."

However, Rayne's coldness and heartlessness made White Vulture admire him even more.

White Vulture was still smiling brightly. "I got it! No problem at all! My baby!"

These dwarves, and in fact Obadiah and the others, did not know how far the Blood Empress had planned for this invasion.

The Heavenly God Fleet of the dwarves could only buy time for Rayne, but they could not end the invasion.

Rayne had to use even more extreme methods.

At the same time, the battle between the dwarves and the fiends had entered the m

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