Chapter 68.1: Hurry and Take My Brother to a Party With the Wives of Others (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 68.1: Hurry and Take My Brother to a Party With the Wives of Others (1)


That was the name of the supreme existence in the Nether Realm.

In reality…

It would be a grave mistake to confuse the seemingly positive divinity of Justice with Order.

To begin with, there was no such thing as good and evil in this world.

The Nether Realm controlled by the evil gods and the upper world's God Realm ruled by Order were not opposites by nature.

The Order gods were not something that had existed since ancient times as well.

This was a young race of gods that were created by the Crystal Goddess, Order, thousands of years ago.

Before Order was born…

The Nether Realm was the only kingdom of gods.

The gods of the Nether Realm were born from the chaotic emotions of the mortal world and grew continuously using them as nutrients.

If one were to classify the emotions of all living beings, in a certain sense, Justice would be the most dangerous.

While it seemed honorable on the surface, it was often laced with many blood debts that were difficult to resolve.

All living beings believed in their personal righteousness and destroyed everything else without reservations. From the slightest disputes to the cruelest battlefields, all strife in the mortal world seemed to possess the figure of justice lingering in the air.

When one understood that there was no absolute right or wrong in the world, the word justice would suddenly seem strange.

The motley crowd sang the glorious songs of justice and scattered destruction and atrocities everywhere.

Therefore, justice had another title…

The God of Strife.

The inferior nature of mortals made it impossible for the world to produce a 'good god' under normal circumstances.

The moment a flawless god was stained by the will of all living beings, they were destined to be evil gods that were plagued by evil.

Only existences with special divinities such as Order could break free from the corrosion of the evil thoughts of mortals and the gravity of the Nether Realm to ascend to the firmaments.

Disregarding Order…

Among the gods born from the emotion

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