Chapter 68.2: Hurry and Take My Brother to a Party With the Wives of Others (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 68.2: Hurry and Take My Brother to a Party With the Wives of Others (2)

Edaline said, "In any case, your current mission is to bring that trash to a safe place before keeping him away from that bastard of the Fiend Sword Sisterhood. The secret flower ceremony of those women is not something he can endure."

Edaline was done with her instructions.

Thereafter, she looked towards the Blood Empress in the distance.

At that moment, the Blood Empress had already cleared away all the dwarven troops.

After losing her enemies, she should have completed the final ceremony and sent Gold Village into the Nether Realm.

However, at that moment…

She noticed the dimensional rift that opened up.

There was also the demigod girl in the platinum armor who walked out of the rift. Although her appearance could not be seen clearly, she had a symbolic and powerful divinity…

The Blood Empress stopped in her tracks.

She knew that right now, there was another battle she had to fight.

Edaline sneered, "Blood Empress Justice… ha, what an interesting opponent."

Edaline had naturally noticed the Blood Empress's gaze as well.

She bent down slightly, ready to strike.

"Let me see how strong you are!"

Before her sentence was finished, Edaline transformed into a flash of light and crossed a thousand miles in an instant, arriving before the Blood Empress. She summoned a heavy crystal hammer and smashed it towards the Blood Empress's head.

The battle broke out instantly!

However, that ferocious hammer strike…

Was resolved by the Blood Empress with ease as she raised a single hand gently.

The crystal hammer stopped in front of the Blood Empress's index finger and could not close in at all!

Instantly, their gazes met.

The Blood Empress seemed to have revealed a smile.

"So, it's you, Order."

"Order? Indeed, I'm here to suppress you on behalf of the Crystal Goddess. However, my name is Edaline."

Edaline attacked once more.

The crystal hammer in her hands was not a golden weapon. Instead, it was an ordinary crystal weapon that she had created with her divinity.

The lethality of such weapons was limited to begin with.


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