Chapter 69: Blessing of the Blood Empress
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 69: Blessing of the Blood Empress

The battle between Edaline and Justice was still ongoing.

After the initial bout of passion, as time passed by, Edaline became increasingly disadvantaged against the projection of the strongest evil god.

She could clearly sense that the Blood Empress was becoming stronger as the value of the Nether Realm corruption in Gold Village rose.

The power from the Nether Realm was injected into the projection continuously, allowing it to maintain its strongest state at all times.

On the contrary, as the Nether Realm corrupted the mortal realm, it became difficult for Edaline to even complete the most basic support magic.

The protection around her body dimmed and the damage to her platinum armor could not heal itself.

Edaline was gradually disadvantaged.

The Blood Empress's expression turned cold as well.

Even the embodiment of Order was only this capable after all…

Unfortunately, her opponent was merely a clone.

If it was that destined woman, the battle would definitely be more interesting.

However, even if the true incarnation came, Justice did not think that she would lose.

With the support of the Nether Realm, Justice could become indestructible.

It was meaningless to fight her. All the challengers of the mortal world could do was merely add some fun to the boring and invincible conquest of the Blood Empress.

She wanted to abandon her undying body and the support of the Nether Realm to fight against the Order clone in a passionate battle with her life on the line as well.

Unfortunately, she could not do that.

As the strongest living being in the Nether Realm, she had long become an extension of the concept of the Nether Realm.


How boring indeed.

Justice lamented softly, prepared to end this battle that was starting to bore her.


Right then.

Justice sensed something unusual.

The Gold Village that was initially under her complete control began to waver all of a sudden.

It was as though another powerful will from the Nether Realm was attempting to interfere in Gold Village.


Justice sneered.

It seem

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