Chapter 66.1: The Divine Master Has Been Molded By That Guy... Boohoo (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 66.1: The Divine Master Has Been Molded By That Guy... Boohoo (1)

On the other end of the door of Gold Village, there was no legendary magnificent golden palace.

It was a boundless crack in space.

So, this was the case.

In order to prevent Gold Village from being invaded by external enemies to the greatest extent…

Original Sequence hid Gold Village in the void outside the mortal world.

Immediately after, Histia protected Rayne's body with magic and guided him to maintain balance in this dimensional space that was completely different from the mortal world.

Histia asked, "Your Highness, which way are we going?"

Rayne had no clue about that either.

However, there was someone who definitely knew.


Rayne yanked Obadiah who was in his hands. "Since you were in charge of Gold Siphon, you can't be unaware of the location of Gold Village, right?"

Obadiah cursed, "Gold Siphon? I've already said, don't give stupid names to the sacred weapon of my master, you bastard!"

Rayne: "Alright, got it. Hurry and lead the way."

Obadiah: "…"

Obadiah pointed out a direction to Rayne reluctantly.

However, there was a hint of anticipation under Obadiah's resistant gaze.

"If Gold Village is right ahead…"

Obadiah's heart skipped a beat. "Could that person be... alive?"

They advanced in the direction pointed out by Obadiah.

Before long, they saw a physical structure.

It was a warship made of gold!

However, what was even more eye-catching than the golden warship were the passengers.

There was a withered mechanical giant.

Her long golden hair represented her gender and most of her flesh had already rotted. She could only survive by fusing with the golden warship beneath her and using its mechanical components to replace her body…


When he saw the mechanical giant again, Obadiah felt a sense of sadness. At the same time, he felt immense gratification.

That was despite the fact that she was already disfigured under the ravages of the divine punishment.

"That's great… you're indeed still alive."


The mechanical giant looked around blankly. Finally, she locke

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