Chapter 65.2: Squeeze Me Like a Rag and Drain My Value Before Abandoning Me, Darling! (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 65.2: Squeeze Me Like a Rag and Drain My Value Before Abandoning Me, Darling! (2)

"Your Highness, the situation isn't looking good."

Hela said, "There seems to be a Nether Realm Apostle about to be born beneath us."

Rayne asked, "Can we stop it?"

Hela shook her head. "I've already tried many times, it's useless."

Although Hela could suppress the fiend army, she would have to face a problem the moment the door to Gold Village was opened.

Right now, the barrier of the ancient gods around the door to Gold Village had already dissipated.

If Rayne were to enter Gold Village, someone would have to stand guard in the outside world to prevent the fiends from destroying the door.

In other words…

Hela had to stay in the outside world.

"Your Highness, the exploration of Gold Village can only be done by you alone. When you enter Gold Village, I'll wait for you outside. Histia, follow His Highness to Gold Village later. The remaining two brats will stay outside with me."

"Hela! That won't do."

Rayne shook his head and stopped Hela.

"It's too dangerous to leave you and the puppets outside. You have to deal with the apostles and fiends while protecting this door—I can't let you take the risk."

Right now, Hela had already fallen in love with Rayne and submitted to him.

In other words, like Constance, Hela was now one of Rayne's inner circle.

As such, there was naturally no way Rayne could let her take the risk.

She had to survive and fight side by side with Rayne until the world was saved or... the day she betrayed Rayne again.

In fact, everything was still within Rayne's calculations at this point.

To enter Gold Village without having Hela take any risks…

There was naturally a way to do that.

Rayne had visited this dilapidated place, Gold Village, countless times.

Although it was rare for him to be able to catch up to the time when the fiends of the Nether Realm invaded Gold Village, he knew the internal structure of Gold Village and the offensive tactics of the Gospel Blood Calvary like the back of his hand.

Before they set off, Rayne had already decided on the person who should guard th

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