Chapter 65.1: Squeeze Me Like a Rag and Drain My Value Before Abandoning Me, Darling! (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 65.1: Squeeze Me Like a Rag and Drain My Value Before Abandoning Me, Darling! (1)

As the door to Gold Village opened slowly…

Rayne could not help but feel nervous.

The reason was simple.

This was also Rayne's first time visiting the true Gold Village.

Gold Village was the supporting infrastructure developed by Original Sequence for New One-handed Sword 01.

The design principle was to use a large amount of gold as fuel and the corresponding overload equipment to increase the theoretical power of New One-handed Sword 01 limitlessly.

Eventually, that will achieve the effect of being able to slay gods.

Right now, the Gold Village where Rayne was located was merely a mine for fuel and ammunition.

As for the true Gold Village and the massive amount of gold fuel…

All of them were behind that door.

Together, Gold Village and New One-handed Sword 01 was a set of god-slaying equipment.

However, Rayne had never had the chance to obtain it in his previous 999 reincarnation cycles.

Time difference was the reason.

In order to intimidate the gods of the Nether Realm, Original Sequence created Gold Village.

This thing had always been a thorn in the side of the evil gods of the Nether Realm.

If not for Rayne's interference today, theoretically, Justice would have broken through the barrier of the ancient gods around Gold Village 10 years later and invaded and destroyed it.

Due to various external factors, the timing would typically be reduced to around three years, nothing more than five.

At that time, Obadiah would not have completed his final ascension to challenge Olivia.

Similarly, Olivia would not be at the end of her life yet as well.

In other words…

Rayne could basically get his hands on New One-handed Sword 01 at the later stages of every reincarnation.

However, by the time he obtained the sacred weapon and the key to opening the Gold Village dungeon…

Gold Village would have long been destroyed by the Blood Empress by then!

This reincarnation cycle was different. Due to his good relationship with Olivia this time round, Rayne obtained Gold Siphon in advance.

Because of that, natur

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