Chapter 64: Obadiah, You Don't Wish for Constance to Be Bullied, Right?
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 64: Obadiah, You Don't Wish for Constance to Be Bullied, Right?

Crossing the dimensional rift, Rayne and Hela arrived at the lowest level of Gold Village instantly.

This was an endless mineshaft that spiraled underground.

In the middle of the mineshaft was a golden platform that hovered above the abyss.

There were some complicated array formations etched on the floor on the golden platform that were protected by some powerful spells and temporarily blocked the Nether Realm corruption.

It was a door.

The current Gold Village where Rayne was located was merely a support field base that the dwarves had dug out to fill the Gold Village with fuel.

However, no one had seen the true appearance of the doomsday cannon that was powered by gold in the true Gold Village ever since the gold dwarves went extinct.

The golden platform was the door to that gigantic god-slaying cannon.

At that moment, the mineshaft at the bottom and the door to Gold Village were completely occupied by fiends.

Endless fiends crowded the place densely, using all sorts of evil methods to conduct some sort of degeneration ritual.

The Gospel Blood Cavalry of [Justice] possessed the ability to invade the mortal world using the bodies of living beings directly without having to rely on the gates of the Nether Realm.

However, that did not mean that the Gospel Blood Cavalry could not invade the mortal world using conventional methods.

Right now, at the bottom of Gold Village, Rayne saw at least five gates to the Nether Realm.

As the Nether Realm corruption deepened, the difficulty of establishing a teleportation gate in the Nether Realm decreased exponentially.


The Gospel Blood Cavalry tore through the mortal world continuously and created even more gates to the Nether Realm before surging into them wildly.


They needed more warriors.

They had to prepare for the upcoming holy war.

The cowardly goblins and the garrison could not be considered as a threat.

However, the Heavenly God Fleet of the dwarf kings were about to arrive!

Rayne said, "Hela, take out the sword."

A one-handed s

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