Chapter 63.2: You're a Scum, Your Highness, but I Love It! (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 63.2: You're a Scum, Your Highness, but I Love It! (2)

A high-level fiend said coldly to his trembling underlings.

"Just steer clear of her way."

The fiends ignored White Vulture and continued spreading corruption in Gold Village.

Not long after…

White Vulture's eyes lit up.

She sensed a strange spatial fluctuation in Gold Village.

His Highness Rayne had returned!

After breakfast, Rayne and Hela returned to Gold Village.

When he visited Gold Village again, this sacred ground of the dwarves had already become the base camp of the fiends. The filthy wind from the Nether Realm blew towards Rayne.

Thankfully, before entering Gold Village, Hela had already meticulously imbued her lover with layers of protection.

The Nether Realm corruption did not affect Rayne at all.

Rayne was extremely calm towards everything before him.

After all, things had not gone beyond his expectations.

In fact, Rayne could be considered as the instigator of everything.

Rayne was not a lunatic who believed in the evil gods of the Nether Realm and hoped for them to destroy the mortal world.

However, the massive invasion by the Nether Realm and even the destruction of Gold Village was a necessary condition for him to obtain a key item.

It was a precious treasure that Rayne had never had the chance to obtain in his previous reincarnation cycles.

For that, Rayne could accept Gold Village being destroyed by [Justice] 10 years before the actual event was supposed to happen.

Rayne said, "Hela, let's go."

Hela asked gently, "Your Highness, where do you want to go?"

Rayne replied, "The lowest level of Gold Village."

Hela nodded and was about to tear through space to teleport with her lover…

At that moment…

A dimensional rift was opened first.

White Vulture appeared from the dimensional rift and waved to Rayne warmly.

"Your Highness Rayne!"

White Vulture came before Rayne with a smile.

"Are you here to open up Gold Village, Your Highness? Although this place is already occupied by fiends, don't worry. With me escorting you, everything will be fine!"

However, compared to the pass

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