Chapter 63.1: You're a Scum, Your Highness, but I Love It! (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 63.1: You're a Scum, Your Highness, but I Love It! (1)

Gold Village.

The full-scale invasion of the Nether Realm had already begun. In the entire Gold Village, be it the dead or living, they had already become a part of the chaos world created by the explosion of the Nether Realm corruption.

As the last group of survivors in Gold Village, the mercenaries of the Fiend Sword Sisterhood could no longer sit still.

"Fiends are surging over from the lower levels continuously. There's no way to determine the location of the Nether Realm's gate!"

"This is the Gospel Blood Cavalry of [Justice]. They don't need a teleportation gate. As long as there is flesh available as their shells, they can descend to the mortal world at any moment."

"There's such a thing?! Wouldn't that make them invincible?!"

"That's the army of the Nether Realm Empress for you! Be careful, these fiends can descend with the flesh of living beings as well!"

"The mirror shows that an evil god embryo has been discovered in the power pack of the 46th underground floor. Everyone, please take note! This is not an ordinary Nether Realm invasion! The fiends were attempting to summon their apostles!"


Through the voice transmission formation, the voices of the Sisterhood members sounded from all directions.

Even though the mercenaries of the Fiend Sword Sisterhood were experienced in battle, they were caught off guard in the face of such a situation.

After all, everything had happened too suddenly.

The Nether Realm corruption had always existed in Gold Village and there had been no effective methods to resolve it for a long time.

However, the fact that fiends filled the entire Gold Village overnight such that even apostles were about to be summoned… that was way too ridiculous!

Yesterday, it was only at the level of two brats playing around. But today, it had become an epic battlefield for a fight between demigods!

Wasn't the corruption level rising way too quickly?!

In the blink of an eye, an area with an ordinary infection level had degenerated into a plaything in the hands of an Evil God.

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