Chapter 628.2: A Small Window for Victory (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 628.2: A Small Window for Victory (2)

The only thing Roel could see right now were towering waves that stretched from one end of the world to the other.

He couldn’t say that he had seen many Divine Domains, but he was certain that Alicia’s Divine Domain had to be one of the strongest.

The Black Moon in the sky represented absolute might; not even the ancient gods dared to be insolent before its prowess. However, the ocean beneath their feet was treacherous as well.

Towering waves crashed down on them one after another, forcing Grandar to hurl his fists again and again to ward them off. Thanks to the Giant Sovereign’s protection, Roel was able to slowly advance toward Alicia.

Still, relying on Grandar’s punches to ward off the waves was not the most efficient maneuver. Roel was burning a great deal of mana due to that. However, he had no other choice, since the ocean contained a spell that absorbed one’s life force.

Controlling life force had always been Alicia’s forte.

In this Divine Domain, she wielded absolute power over all life that fell into the ocean. Should Roel be directly struck by the waves, he would have a huge amount of life force instantaneously siphoned away from him, thus be pushed toward death.

No defense could last long against such relentless waves of calamitous attacks.

The only hope of surviving this ordeal was to quickly bring down the enemy, but just attempting to get close to Alicia had already severely drained Roel’s mana. This prolonged battle battered his body and mind, but he refused to give up, for he had one last ace up his sleeve.

It was thanks to the Loborian serum that Roel was still holding on, but there was a time limit to its effectiveness. As soon as the serum’s benefits wore off, its side effects would start to settle in, and his physical condition would swiftly deteriorate.

This was the moment Roel had been waiting for.

Being Toward Death had always been his greatest trump card to turn the tides around in times of adversity. Furthermore, Alicia, after having lost her memories, wouldn’t know about this ab

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