Chapter 628.1: A Small Window for Victory (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 628.1: A Small Window for Victory (1)

The ocean was a place where many legends were born, both in Roel’s previous and current life.

In the Sia Continent, the ocean was the origin of all lives. It was said in the oldest legend that Sia had created land from the ocean, and it was from that that she created all lives.

Due to that, the ocean also represented motherhood. It was a vital part of Sia’s powers, and it was inherited by the Mother Goddess after Her soul split into two. Given that Alicia had inherited the Mother Goddess’ powers, it was not surprising that her Divine Domain was the ocean.

Roel wasn’t too intimidated by the ocean, but the phenomenon in the sky made his heart clench. He recognized it to be the Twin Moons, an ancient phenomenon that had been long forgotten by the humans of the current era. Just the sight of it was enough to chill his heart.

The Black Moon represented punishment and enforcement, but it was also the source of all evil and depravity. It had been one of the Mother Goddess’ strongest means in the ancient era. Yet, it was now making a reappearance in the form of Alicia’s Divine Domain.

Roel had never felt such stiffness in his body before. The overwhelming death chill he felt from the Black Moon made it difficult for him to take a single step.

Alicia extended a hand toward him and murmured, “Commandment.”

The two moons in the sky shuddered, and the Black Moon’s darkness began to spiral.

Roel felt a peculiar sensation as if he had caught the eye of an immensely terrifying being. Warmth drained from his body, and his fighting will was extinguished like candlelight in a cold night. At the same time, he felt the powers of his Crown’s Stones swiftly receding from his body.

The howling tempest giant and the ferocious beast manifested from a frost aura dissipated. The searing magma, having lost its source of power, fell back down to the ground as lumps of earth. The white fog and black cloud quietly dispersed as if they had never existed.

Roel’s Crown’s Stones were extinguished one after another, not reacting at all no matter how

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