Chapter 26.2: Advanced Lu Ban Wooden Puppets
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Transmigration with Cheat Codes Chapter 26.2: Advanced Lu Ban Wooden Puppets

[System: Forging room successfully created.]

The forging room, like the personal warehouse, was considered a basic structure. After its creation, the newly acquired Lu Ban Wooden Puppet automatically moved in.

To be a high-level blacksmith, one needed a certain level of knowledge in woodworking and tailoring.

As a purple-tier item with a hefty price tag of a thousand gold, the Lu Ban Wooden Puppet required not only high-level blacksmithing skills but also intermediate-level woodworking and tailoring skills.

Meng Jingtang handed over the blueprints from the [Sect Study Construction Gift Pack] to the Lu Ban Wooden Puppet, and the process of constructing the study began successfully.

[System: Commencing construction of the sect's study.

Remaining time: Unknown.]

Meng Jingtang was speechless.

— She remembered that there had been complaints on the forums about a bug where, during certain ongoing events, the remaining time couldn't be calculated.

However, the game company had stated that the phenomenon was entirely normal, and as for why it occurred, they hoped that dear player friends would explore that on their own.

Every successful game with strong sales was never short of players who loved to dig into the details.

After exploring and comparing save files from different games and delving into backend data, someone finally discovered that if a player was in a sect with abundant human resources where everything ran smoothly, similar statistics were clear and precise.

However, if the sect lacked manpower for tasks, it would inevitably be unable to display the remaining time.

— The impoverished martial artists in the martial art world felt like they were being discriminated against.

As the one responsible for task assignments, Meng Jingtang had the authority of the Hanshan Sect's leader.

In the subsequent construction of the library, if there were any required materials, the Lu Ban Wooden Puppet would automatically retrieve them from the warehouse. If there weren't enough materials, they would be refreshed

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