Chapter 26: Advanced Lu Ban Wooden Puppets
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Transmigration with Cheat Codes Chapter 26: Advanced Lu Ban Wooden Puppets

To acquire advanced Lu Ban Wooden Puppets and earn higher points, there were typically three avenues: system gift package rewards, ordering them from rare talent artisans who had attained Grandmaster-level forging skills, or patiently waiting for periodic refreshes in the system's marketplace for such items.

Regarding system gift package rewards, Meng Jingtang remembered that back when she had crossed over, the officials had indeed mentioned that they would release a free DLC later.

Downloading it would grant a new appearance set and an Advanced Lu Ban Wooden Puppet. However, at present, she couldn't connect to the internet, and even if she could update, she didn't want to try it.

As players who have purchased the game know, when updating a new content pack, you need to close the game. However, Meng Jingtang was currently in real-life operation mode, and despite pressing all the system buttons, she couldn't find an option to return to the main menu…

As for the second path, searching for precious talents who had attained Grandmaster-level skills, although it was feasible, the time span was too long.

By the time Meng Jingtang had actually found such individuals, the "Sect Study Construction Gift Pack" would likely have been gathering dust.

The remaining method was more mystical in nature. It was possible to encounter it right at the beginning of the game, or it could remain elusive even after playing through multiple saved games.

However, experienced players believed that, for the sake of convenience in testing, the game company's programmers would surely leave a trigger for specific events.

After all, it was a single-player game that didn't require microtransactions, and you could play it for as long as you liked. In the end, with the spirit of perseverance akin to the tale of "Foolish Old Man Who Moved Mountains," they managed to figure out that cheat code.

It was only effective when the in-game character reached level fifteen, and it couldn't be used a second time within thirty levels.

Upon entering the

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