Chapter 22.2: Ascension of Realm Value
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Transmigration with Cheat Codes Chapter 22.2: Ascension of Realm Value

Meng Jintang contemplated and realized that she could combine the "Hanshan Sword Art" with the "Linchi Sword Art," just like the move "Furong Carp in the Shadows."

If she combined it with the "Yan" technique, it would undoubtedly make her attacks even more elusive and unpredictable.

Chen Shen sat quietly in the hall for a long while, finally waiting for someone to come out and greet him.

Father Wang was a businessman in the business world. As he looked at the once "nephew" who had been semi-exiled from their family, he managed to maintain a polite demeanor on the surface.

After a brief exchange of greetings, he got straight to the point, "Ziyuan, I heard you brought some medicine for external injuries?"

Chen Shen was meticulous by nature, and before setting out, he had specifically gone over the details with Meng Jintang. Now, he explained to Father Wang that the medicine in his possession came from a heroine who had once saved someone's life.

"The young lady happened to pass through Helu Town today, and upon learning that my younger brother's injuries had not yet healed, she entrusted me to come and deliver the medicine."

He didn't want to take credit for it, so he discreetly omitted how Meng Jintang had learned about Wang Youhuai's injuries.

Upon hearing this, Father Wang seemed lost in thought for a moment before nodding and saying, "I see. Ziyuan, come with me for now."

Before Chen Shen even entered the inner room, he could already smell a strong, bitter medicinal fragrance in the air.

A group of servants were holding a basin of water and towels, standing quietly by the side. Inside the bedroom were Liu Hongan, Ma Yangqi, and Wang Youhuai's cousin Wang Youxing, but Wang Youhuai's mother was not in sight.

Chen Shen took out the bone-setting ointment from his pocket and gave a detailed explanation to everyone on how to use it.

Father Wang took the medicine, removed the lid, and brought it close to his nose for a sniff.

He couldn't detect anything amiss and then handed it to Liu Hongan, saying, "Broth

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