Chapter 23.1: Drawing Closer to People
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Transmigration with Cheat Codes Chapter 23.1: Drawing Closer to People

Looking at the young man before her, whose expression was filled with guilt, Meng Jintang, who was deeply immersed in swordsmanship and unable to extricate herself, was momentarily stunned.

She pulled her thoughts away from sword theory and back to reality. She raised her head to glance at the sky and realized that the evening had fallen.

Just as she was about to say something to Chen Shen, she caught a glimpse of a slight wrinkle in the hem of his side, and the words she had intended to say were left unspoken.

Chen Shen had always been attentive to details, whether he was out or at home. His clothes were always neatly arranged. Since he had expressed his thanks, it must mean that he had met Wang Youhuai and had successfully treated his injuries.

Treating injuries alone wouldn't take up an entire afternoon, and given his personality, in the presence of guests at home, he would certainly bid farewell once the matter was resolved.

If everything had gone smoothly, Meng Jintang thought as she spoke with Uncle Zhao, he should have already returned home by now.

Meng Jintang took note of the position and shape of the wrinkles and felt that they were likely caused by prolonged sitting.

If Wang Youhuai's condition was still good, it was unlikely that the Wang family would have bothered with Chen Shen.

However, if they did, it indicated that the other party urgently needed medication for treatment. So, the reason Chen Shen had been delayed for most of the day might be because he had been waiting outside?

As for the reason why he initially sat outside waiting...

Meng Jintang estimated in her heart and asked with a smile, "Mr. Chen, did you happen to encounter the head of the White Horse Escort Agency at the Wang family?"

Chen Shen replied, "...Indeed."

He hadn't initially intended to mention it, but since Meng Jintang had asked, there was no reason to conceal the fact that he had encountered his lifesaver.

Upon seeing this, Uncle Zhao also made some guesses and furrowed his brow inwardly. It seemed that the peopl

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