Chapter 746 - Battle Harvest
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Crystal City of Secrets, Airport:

Many flying ships from the various NPC Cities and Fortresses could be seen waiting to dock at the Crystal City's airport. The airport's five-story waiting hall was also crowded with players waiting to travel to the Eternal Realm's high-level maps.

"Isn't this airport a little too crowded?" a petite Level 173 female Berserker clad in silver armor bearing Scarecrow Fox's mark remarked as she looked at the long line snaking through the waiting hall. "I wonder when our adventurer team will be able to have our own flying ship like the other powers. If we had our own flying ship, we wouldn't have to waste so much time waiting in line."

"That's not going to happen anytime soon, Little Garment," River Light, a Level 180, Tier 6 Cleric, remarked with a wry smile as he gazed at the petite female Berserker. "While flying ships might be commonplace in the Greater God's Domain, only pseudo-apex powers and above possess them in the Eternal Realm. Even conglomerates and upper-ranking hegemonic powers don't stand a chance of owning one. Fortunately, our adventurer team secured a Medium Private House in the Crystal City long ago. Otherwise, with the current influx of players, we might struggle to even enter the city, let alone board a flying ship."

The petite female Berserker was named Mirror Garment, and she was currently receiving training from Scarecrow Fox. She was the successor of one of the conglomerates backing Scarecrow Fox, and the adventurer team would usually go all-out to help her grow.

However, the problem was that the current Eternal Realm was a gathering place of the mighty, and Scarecrow Fox's status here could only be considered average. Because of this, the influence it could exert and the resources it could access were limited. It could not easily access an entire Realm's resources like it could outside the Eternal Realm.

"I understand." Mirror Garment nodded. When she looked at the various conglomerates and upper-ranking hegemonic powers' peerless geniuses who were in the

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