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Special District 9

Special District 9
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Translated by StarveCleric
After the catastrophe tore earth apart, food was scarce, resources were lacking, and the world was in chaos…

After suffering for years in the lawless Development District, Qin Yu finally managed to enter the Special District 9. With the friends he made along the way, he would maneuver his way around this new world and forge his own legend.
A sharp-witted young man has just arrived at Special District 9! He might be new to this battlefield, but with his sharp wits and clever maneuvers, he will overcome all odds and rise through the ranks!

Character Glossary

Chapter List

Arrival at Songjiang


A Trip to Jiangzhou


Reinforcing Positions

Chapter 71: A Kind Act a Day

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 74: Tag Number 3088

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 75: Ma Lao-er

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 78: Recklessness

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 79: Power and Money

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 82: Expert Negotiator

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 83: The Taste of Home

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 84: Lurking Shadows

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 87: Cornered

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 93: Young Master Xing

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 103: War of Wits

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 106: Deformity

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 112: Internal Strife

17th Jul, 2020

Chapter 116: Betrayal?

21st Jul, 2020

Chapter 120: Standstill

22nd Jul, 2020

Chapter 121: A Close Shave

23rd Jul, 2020

Chapter 122: A Huge Mistake

24th Jul, 2020

Chapter 127: Rushing to Fengbei

26th Jul, 2020

Chapter 134: Pitiful Plight

6th Aug, 2020

Chapter 137: Negotiations

7th Aug, 2020

Chapter 138: Falling Out

7th Aug, 2020

Chapter 141: Promise

9th Aug, 2020

Chapter 157: A Childhood Friend

15th Aug, 2020

Chapter 158: A Quick Battle

16th Aug, 2020

Chapter 160: The Refined Mr Wu

16th Aug, 2020

Chapter 162: Utter Mess

17th Aug, 2020

Chapter 163: Darkness

17th Aug, 2020

Chapter 167: Two Brothers

28th Aug, 2020

Chapter 169: Camping Till Dawn

31st Aug, 2020

Chapter 171: A Close Call

25th Sep, 2020

Chapter 174: Gunshots

28th Sep, 2020

Written by 伪戒. Translated by StarveCleric.