Chapter 222: Talisman Drawing
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 222: Talisman Drawing

The cultivators chattered among themselves with excited gleams in their eyes. Even some of the sect disciples were moved too.

Boss You revealed a gleeful smile.

What was the most valuable thing in the world of cultivation?

It was neither pills nor artifacts. Rather, it was the very foundation of one’s cultivation, one’s cultivation method!

The greatest impediment to unaffiliated cultivators reaching higher ground was their cultivation. Most unaffiliated cultivators reached no further than third stage Ki Refinement despite working hard their entire lives; this was not just due to their aptitude but their lack of a proper cultivation method too.

Only major sects had a complete cultivation method legacy, but even so, it could only be up to a certain level. For instance, there were sects with complete Ki Refinement cultivation method, but their Foundation Establishment cultivation method remained imperfect.

“Boss You, you aren’t pulling our legs, are you?”

“I hope you didn’t make us come all the way here just to disappoint us with some incomplete cultivation method!”

Some of the eighth stage and ninth stage Ki Refinement cultivators spoke up.

Boss You gleefully replied, “Our old ancestor has verified the cultivation method. There’s no problem reaching twelfth stage Ki Refinement with it. It’s a complete cultivation method!”

Another commotion broke out. Many of the cultivators’ faces reddened, and they looked at Boss You with excited looks.

This was a rare fortuitous encounter for them!

In the distinguished compartments, Song Yu clenched his fists as he stared intently at Boss You, “That old rascal didn’t let me in on it beforehand!”

“Chief Song, cultivation methods are a sect’s precious legacy. Can those really be sold? Won’t the sect come after them?” Fang Chen asked.

Song Yu seemed to have something on his mind, so he distractedly replied, “Cultivation methods sold in auctions most likely belong to sects that have gone extinct. Even if they still have disciples around, it’s unlikely that they’ll pose a threat to the

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