Chapter 221: Auction
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The Immaculate Poison King severely injured a Foundation Establishment cultivator but is still well and alive? That explains his arrogance. He must have formidable means up his sleeves, Fang Chen thought.

“Young friend, what’s on your mind? Surely you don’t intend to step forward and uphold justice? If so, I’d have to advise you to drop that thought,” Song Yu said. “I harbored such thoughts in my younger years too… but that’s simply the world we live in. There’s no changing it no matter what we do.”

“I just thought he looked familiar,” Fang Chen replied. “Rest assured, Chief Song. I don’t do things I’m not confident about.”

“It’s not surprising that you find him familiar. The Immaculate Poison King’s reputation isn’t for show. He wouldn’t have shown me any respect at all if not for Boss You’s strong clan backing,” Song Yu replied with a bitter sigh.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore. Boss You arranged a distinguished compartment room for us too. Let’s head over.”

The distinguished compartment rooms had a window that allowed them to overlook the auction hall. All in all, there were ten of such rooms.

Many people had already gathered in the auction hall, and those who were acquainted greeted one another. Those who didn’t know anyone settled down in their seats and patiently waited for the auction to commence.

The average cultivation level in this auction hall was much higher than the cultivators who frequented Dragonback Lane. There were even eighth stage and ninth stage Ki Refinement cultivators.

As for those who were at tenth stage Ki Refinement and above, they had all been ushered into the distinguished compartment rooms.

Fang Chen closed his eyes and feigned rest. His soul drifted to the neighboring room, where a tenth stage Ki Refinement cultivator was patiently waiting for the auction to commence.

He proceeded to look at the other rooms, until he stumbled upon the Immaculate Poison King.

“Little bastard, take his pill.” The Immaculate Poison King took out a green pill and tossed it by the side of th

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