Chapter 220: Immaculate Poison King
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 220: Immaculate Poison King

Song Yu and Boss You began fighting over the Purple Lightning Talismans’ buying rights.

In the end, Song Yu claimed a fourth of it, whereas the remaining three-fourths were taken up by Boss You.

It was not to say that the Purple Lightning Talismans were cheap, but it was a lightning element talisman, after all. It boasted tremendous destructive prowess, and it could curb yin entities and demons too. Most cultivators would be more than happy to pay for such a protective means.

Besides, they could profit from sales of the Purple Lightning Talismans too, and they wouldn’t have a problem selling them out through the Dragonback Lane.

In gist, they wouldn’t be disadvantaged by this deal!

It didn’t take long for an additional 1700 low-grade ki stones to drop into Fang Chen’s pockets. Factoring in the 1000 low-grade ki stones he already had, he now boasted a massive fortune of 2700 low-grade ki stones!

“Boss You, do help me tally the prices of these artifacts,” Fang Chen said.

Boss You began tallying the prices.

Five minutes later, he turned to Fang Chen and said, “Daoist Fang, I have a total of 103 artifacts here. Each of their prices is…”

He proceeded to list a series of prices. In the end, he revealed the total price, “All in all, the artifacts are worth 2486 low-grade ki stones. I’ll round down the cost to 2480.”

“Let’s further round it down to 2400 low-grade ki stones,” Fang Chen suggested.

Boss You heaved a sigh and said, “All right, let’s go with that price then.”

Fang Chen nodded in satisfaction. He quickly calculated his ki stones and handed them over. Then, he stowed away the hundred artifacts. I have to find a place to feed my little sword now.

He stood up and smiled. “It’s getting late now. I’ll be taking my leave.”

Song Yu was taken aback. “Young friend, where are you in a rush to? Why don’t you stay a few more days?”

“Indeed. It just so happens there’s an auction tomorrow. Why don’t you stay behind to take a look? There might be something you need there,” Boss You added.

“An auction?” Fang Chen murmured.


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