Chapter 155: Earth Corpse Gu Pill
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 155: Earth Corpse Gu Pill

Elder Jinnan didn’t expect this matter to implicate Xia Yu. The latter was an outstanding bud who had evoked seven tolls from the Spirit Gauging Bell! He was going to become one of the pillars of the South Heaven Sect!

“Daoist Fang, do you have evidence regarding that?” Elder Jinnan grimly asked.

He couldn’t imagine what kind of calamity would befall the South Heaven Sect if he brought someone who had once colluded with the Blood Spirit Cult back. I have to tread carefully here!

“Elder Jinnan, he’s maligning me! We have been on bad terms from a young age because… he envies me! Right, he envies me! He wants to stifle me like what he did to Li Huafeng!” Xia Yu frantically exclaimed.

Elder Jinnan glanced at Xia Yu. “You stay quiet first.”

Xia Yu immediately shut his mouth, but he glared at Fang Chen with fiery eyes.

The Great Xia’s emperor staggered. A hint of blood appeared at the corner of his lips.

Li Guozhu and the others noticed his abnormal condition and worriedly advised, “Your Majesty, you should take a rest!”

The Great Xia’s emperor waved his hand. He looked at Fang Chen with a pale face and asked, “Imperial Duke Fang, you’re saying that my son, Xia Yu, and Xiao Shence… colluded with the Blood Spirit Cult?”

At this point, his face suddenly became agitated. “I am your uncle! Tell me the truth! Is Xia Yu really involved in this matter?!”

Uncle? Elder Jinnan and Abbess Moonchaser exchanged looks. They didn’t expect there to be such a relationship between Fang Chen and the Great Xia’s emperor.

“This matter has nothing to do with the crown prince!” Xiao Shence glared at Fang Chen. “Don’t you try to drag innocent people down!”

Ironically, his frantic response only made the truth evident to the crowd.

“Your Highness, there are still a few Blood Pills in your manor that you failed to consume or destroy in time… You must have been reluctant to destroy it since they are from a cultivator,” Fang Chen remarked with a smile.

Xia Yu’s face darkened. He did have a few Blood Pills stashed away, and he dared not carry them i

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